Dr. Ghazi Hajjar

Cosmetic & Plastic & Laser Surgery Lebanon

Dr. Ghazi Hajjar a cosmetic and plastic surgeon in Lebanon focuses in truly personalized services for each of his clients. He specializes in Laser liposuction (SmartLipo lipolysis), nose surgery (Rhinoplasty), Lifting face and Neck using the latest laser technologies, Liposuction for double chin , tummy tucks, Arm Lift, breast augmentation, Lip Augmentation, Eyelid Surgery , full facelifts , Otoplasty, injectables such as Botox, and many other body, breast and face cosmetic and reconstructive surgery procedures.

 Whether we are enhancing the face or a specific area of the body with cosmetic surgery procedures, or restoring appearance and function to face or other areas of the body traumatized by injury or disease, our goal is to achieve a youthful new look.

The Face,    The Body,

The focus at the Clinic.

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Center Wakf Al Roum,
Mazraa Blvd, 3rd floor
Ph: 961-3-379991
Ph: 961-3-553275

For unparalleled cosmetic surgery in Lebanon, trust in the renowned ability of the most respected plastic and cosmetic surgeon in Lebanon.

Center Wakf Al Roum, Mazraa Blvd, 3rd floor | Beirut, Lebanon | Ph: 961-3-37-9991 | Ph: 961-3-553275