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Smart Lipo Neck: Laser Liposculpting & Liposuction

As you age, unwanted fat deposits, gravity and the natural loss of your skin’s elasticity can all affect your neck’s appearance. As a result, when you look in the mirror, your face & neck may look older than you actually feel and not as toned or defined as it once was.

Traditional (non laser assisted) liposuction to the neck is dependent on having good skin elasticity, so that your skin can recoil back after the fat is removed. By contrast, Smart Lipo allows for a potentially better treatment outcome on patients of all ages, including appropriate older patients (over 50 years old) that were not candidates for the traditional procedure because of their skin quality.

This procedure is performed by Dr Ghazi Hajjar with local anesthesia and a typical treatment takes from 1-3 hours.

Dr Ghazi Hajjar uses the Smart Lipo laser to melt the fat cells located just under your skin. In addition to melting and removing unwanted arm fat, the smart lipo laser also helps to tighten your skin for even better results.

Smart Lipo Laser Liposuction

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