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Stem Cell Body & Hand Contouring Procedure

Stem Cell Body & Hand Contouring

To restore skin volume, lost to the aging process and the effects of gravity, while improving skin tone and texture, a stem cell fat transfer is conducted. During this procedure, a small amount of fat is extracted from the patient’s abdomen or buttocks via liposuction. It is then processed to concentrate the stem cell content and injected into specific areas of the face. And, because it uses fat from the patient’s own body, stem cell fat transfer features a nearly nonexistent risk of rejection or reaction.

The Stem Cell Contouring is a true scientific breakthrough that utilizes the most advanced technology available to:

  • Volume restoration with structural Stem Cell & fat grafting
  • Internal Skin Rejuvenation
bring us closer to the everlasting search for the "Fountain of Youth". Dr. Ghazi Hajjar can safely restore your youthful appearance naturally using your own stem cells, without all the risks of major surgery.

Costly, risky, painful, and difficult surgeries have been transformed to safe, natural and affordable procedures. Imagine if you could take special cells from your own body and use them to repair, restore, or reshape your body’s worn and aged areas into a more attractive and youthful body in a way that is safe, natural and undetectable

Does it leave scars?

No. There are no scalpel knives used in the procedure. Specially designed instruments are used to inject the stem cells to sculpt the body areas as desired.

A beautiful facelift and neck lift will naturally enhance the contours of your face and leave your skin looking fresh and healthy A face-lift and neck lift will “reset the clock” on the aging process, enhance your appearance and self-esteem, and restore a more youthful and refreshed look by redistributing saggy cheek fat, smoothing out deep wrinkles, tightening underlying muscles of the face and neck, and removing excess skin.

Downtime is very brief. You can expect some discomfort for forty-eight hours and minor swelling and bruising for approximately one week; however, most clients can return to work and social events after a couple of days. In contrast, a traditional facelift often necessitates several weeks of recovery.

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